Become a member

Becoming a member of IECnet would provide you with the following significant benefits:

1. A professional infrastructure to support you and your clients in their international business opportunities through correspondents you can trust.
2. The opportunity to generate new business from abroad.
3. International exposure.
4. Access to all the services provided by IECnet to its members.
5. A home page link to IECnet.
6. Personal contacts with other IECnet members.
7. Membership, through IECnet, of IFAC’s Forum of Firms.
8. All the above at a reasonable cost.

For your information, our application procedure includes the completion of an Application Form for consideration by IECnet’s Executive Committee, and a visit to meet you at your office by one of the Executive Committee Members. Should you wish to apply for membership, please get in touch with us:

[email protected]