EGIAN: IECnet has been an EGIAN member since 2016

EGIAN’s membership is made up of 23 truly global organisations which offer audit, accounting and business advisory services. The combined turnover of the members is in excess of US$30 billion. EGIAN provides a forum for the members to develop common positions on specific technical and legislative issues and to debate these issues with key professional stakeholders and regulators such as The European Union, CESR (The Committee of European Securities Regulators), FEE (The Federation of European Accountants) and IFAC (The International Federation of Accountants). EGIAN provides it’s “ members with a forum through which to collaborate in order to facilitate an exchange of ideas and information about key international professional developments affecting the accounting and auditing professions in Europe.  This forum, therefore, provides the context and resources for developing common positions on specific issues for submission to key professional stakeholders (e.g. EU, FEE, IFAC, accounting standards-setters, national accounting institutes), in order to raise EGIAN’s position and influence in key professional developments.