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IECnet press release February 2018 : 2018 IAB world ranking

February 9, 2018

IECnet Press release IAB world ranking 2018

The International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) released its 2018 World Rankings. IECnet is proud to be ranked 27th in the 2018 IAB world ranking.

We are delighted to report that IECnet has the highest percentage increase in reported fee income growth of all international networks in the year which reflects the expansion of the network and the growth of its member firms.
In reported fee income, IECnet is ranked 19th in Africa, 22nd in North America, 24th in Asia-Pacific, Europe and Middle-East and 27th in Latin America. Our noticeable percentage growth is in Asia-Pacific with 95 %.
With 75 member firms in 61 countries, IECnet's fee income has reached USD 121 million.

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