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April 24, 2014
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IECnet selects Member of the Year

IECnet Press-release October 2014

German Tax Firm GPC Tax (Berlin) receives award for a special designed seminar on international private investment

IECnet, the international network of accountants, auditors and tax advisors, has chosen its member of the year 2014. The award goes to the German tax firm GPC Tax (Berlin). It reflects the effort of GPC Tax in designing and conducting a seminar on international private investments, which was very well received. The seminar was held for staff members of IECnet’s member firms.

The award was presented to Daniel Ziska, partner of GPC Tax, at IECnet’s Annual General Meeting in Paris. “Education is one key factor in our knowledge driven industry” said Ziska, “an international organisation like IECnet gives a unique opportunity for jumping out of your own tax knowledge box and gaining new perspectives.” The seminar was based on working on case studies in internationally mixed groups of tax professionals.

“The seminar was a good example of our potential as a network. IECnet will continue its work to accelerate and intensify the cooperation of its member firms to give international tax answers to international tax problems”, says Geoffrey Fletcher, IECnet Chairman


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