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IECnet press release October 2019: New member La Paz & Santa Cruz, Bolivia

10 Oct 2019 14:50 | Anonymous

BALDIVIESO & LUNA S.R.L is a professional firm specialized in auditing, consulting, tax advice, transfer pricing, accounting and outsourcing services.

BALDIVIESO & LUNA S.R.L. is a firm that rescues the know-how of International Audit and Consulting Firms. H. BALDIVIESO & LUNA S.R.L partners have been part of the team of auditing and consulting professionals for many years.

The Partners of H. BALDIVIESO & LUNA SRL, as well as the professionals that make up the work team, are committed to be responsible and to actively and thoroughly participate in the development of the different services that they offer.

BALDIVIESO & LUNA S.R.L provide services in Audit ( External, Internal and Special, Private, Public and Nonprofit Entities, financial, tax, oil and environmental intermediation entities), Consulting, Implementation of IT technologies, Corporate Finance, Management Services ( Accounting, Labor, Tax and Financial) and Tax Advice ( Tax Planning, Special Tax Regimes, Municipal Taxes, Tax Defense)

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IECnet press release September 2019 _ IECnet adds new member in La Paz and Santa Cruz, Bolivia

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